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EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 14 juil. 2017, 13:31
par gabalgabow
EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal


The last recording of Chilean EXCORIATE is now available on tape!
Old school death metal/ Doom that remembers the atmospheres and doomy moments of MORGOTH (“Cursed”), and also the heaviness of CELTIC FROST (“To megatherion”) or very early ASPHYX, with a good dose of old school European death metal and traditional Chilean Death metal.

These four songs are destined to those who long for the atmospheres of death and obscurity.



This tape was released by NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST in mid july 2017,
it comes as a black tape with sticker and pro cover.

Available against 3,20 Euros + postage from this webshop: ... nihilistic

EXCORIATE Discography:
- In the Darkest Anguish Demo tape. 2005.
- Death Communion Split tape. 2008.
- Pendulum Demise Demo tape. 2009.
- A Dismal Journey to the Oblivion Split CD. 2015.
- ... Of the Ghastly Stench Demo tape. 2017.

Members of EXCORIATE use or used to play in Demonic rage, The Fallen, Horrifying or Butamacho.

Gab/ Nihilistic Holocaust

Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 15 juil. 2017, 18:29
par gabalgabow

Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 16 juil. 2017, 11:40
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La tape d’EXCORIATE est maintenant dispo sur Bandcamp:


Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 19 juil. 2017, 20:22
par gabalgabow

Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 25 juil. 2017, 20:15
par gabalgabow
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Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 30 juil. 2017, 10:53
par gabalgabow
La première chronique de la cassette d’EXCORIATE a été publiée sur le webzine VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE, très bonne chronique!

It's always a great pleasure for me to find out about new (more or less) bands that are dedicated and see their idea through, no matter how long it takes, not minding the circumstances. EXCORIATE from Chile fit this category. The band from Puerto Montt in the Southern part of Chile is around for 15 years now, but the discography is very manageable. Just two split releases (a CD and a tape album) and two demo tapes, the first of which became part of a split tape release with DEMONIC RAGE. This newest release, the band's second demo tape, also saw the dark of day before as EXCORIATEs part of the “A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion” CD with their brother band HORRIFYING in 2015 on the Chilean label Apocalyptic Productions. But the four songs were too good not to be released again worldwide. Thus they were put out under the name “...Of The Ghastly Stench” by dedicated French underground label Nihilistic Holocaust. But what makes these four tracks so good that they should be heard by anyone? Well, I guess most of you recurring readers will by now have heard from the nearly legendary reputation of the Chilean extreme Metal underground. EXCORIATE feeds this reputation here in a perfect way. The band is praised as old school Death Metal, but this is just half of the truth. The other half is Doom Metal. And even though this mix is not a new invention, EXCORIATE are a very refreshing band in the genre. Their main influences are those pioneering bands of the times before 1991, when Death Metal was still on its way to rise from the underground. Sometimes I hear moments of old MORGOTH and early PESTILENCE, sometimes it's a lethal dose of old Doom heroes. The instrumental intro piece 'Teofisto' is nearly pure Doom stuff, while the following 'Oh! Peaceful Derketa' should please anyone who might dig a fine mix of INCANTATION and early CELTIC FROST. I can hardly deny that it needed only this song to praise EXCORIATE for what they delivered, but the other two songs are of the same quality for sure. 'Black Streams On The Ground Of Cruelty' summons the spirit of old MORGOTH and 'Ghostly Stench Of Mortal Remains' is either great old fashioned Death Metal, with a not as high dose of Doom, but hints on the Swedish school of Death Metal instead. So, EXCORIATE should please all those who love their Death mixed with Doom, played the old school way and with loads of passion. As an additional bonus extra, the sound of “...Of The Ghastly Stench“ is authentic, just like it is a very good demo recording from that era I already wrote about. Honestly, if this tape would have been released back then, it would have a cult status today for sure! And I wish it will have it in 25 years, it is worth that status 100%. Especially if you take into concern that “...Of The Ghastly Stench” comes along like a professional release with a printed cover, black tapes and an extra sticker. I just raise all of my thumbs for EXCORIATE and leave it up to you not to miss this great band. Visit: and listen at: ... 11130.html

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Publié : 05 août 2017, 11:24
par gabalgabow
Ceux qui veulent en apprendre plus sur les chiliens d’EXCORIATE peuvent lire une interview du groupe que j’ai réalisée en 2016: ... oriate.htm

/// Underground eternal \\\

Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 08 sept. 2017, 09:25
par gabalgabow
Trois nouvelles chroniques d'EXCORIATE ont été publiées!

WINGS OF DEATH Webzine (Hol):
Excoriate is een van de vele bands uit Zuid-Amerika (in dit geval uit Chili) die nog zo rauw en authentiek musiceren dat het eigenlijk niet meer in deze tijd past. Natuurlijk heeft deze pure, eerlijke aanpak z'n charmes, de muziek kan ik ook prima hebben. Hun versie van old school death metal is vanwege de aanpak zo duister dat het gelijk raakvlakken heeft met doom(death), ondanks het soms toch best opgefokte tempo.
De band bestaat sinds 2002, en heeft sindsdien alleen maar demo's en splits uitgebracht. Het meest recente werkstukje heet ... Of the Ghastly Stench, en is door het Franse Nihilistic Holocaust op tape (jawel, zo old school) uitgebracht; en grappig genoeg ook digitaal. Het beste van twee werelden.
Het begrip underground lijkt daarmee in zekere zin achterhaald, omdat muziek simpelweg op eenvoudige wijze wereldwijd voor het voetlicht gebracht kan worden. Aan de andere kant: het blijft evident dat obscure metal als die van Excoriate zich zeker in productioneel opzicht niet kan meten met die van meer gekende acts. Dus de underground-gedachte blijft in die zin gehandhaafd.
Gelukkig doet de karige productie niks af aan de muzikale bedoelingen en de vaardigheden van de deelnemende muzikanten. Want daar is in mijn beleving niks mis mee. Vooral het aanwezige, logge basgeluid drukt de band de doomy hoek van de death metal in, al zijn er in de karige blastpassages net zo goed raakvlakken met black metal. Dit is gewoon goudeerlijke old school extreme metal, gemaakt door muzikanten met het hart op de juiste plaats. Alsof we nog steeds rond pak 'm beet 1990 zitten. Niet zeuren, gewoon ff luisteren! ... tly-Stench

One prevalent thing that I have noticed about record labels these days I that more and more of them seem to have a target audience – More so than merely being a ‘Metal’ label, for instance (such as is the case with Nuclear Blast). These days many smaller, more specialized labels can be found, who focus on one specific subgenre and almost or completely exclusively record and release bands and albums from within this genre. One such example would be Nihilistic Holocaust, whose main focus is on underground Death Metal, the way it is supposed to be played.
The newest record that has found its way across my doors threshold from this label is called … Of The Ghastly Stench and is the fifth release from Chilean Death Metallers Excoriate – A true underground act, both in sound and in releases. All of said releases have been either Demos of Split albums, and … Of The Ghastly Stench is no exception, being a Demo Tape (as far as I can tell, the band almost exclusively sell their records as cassettes) showcasing four old-school tracks, which combined roughly hit the half-hour mark.
Now, for those of you who are expecting an exciting new release pushing the boundaries of what Death Metal can and cannot be, whether that is a more melodic approach or perhaps combined with another genre… You will not find what you are looking for.
What you instead will discover, is a throwback to what the genre was back in the late eighties, when bands such as Bolt Thrower Suffocation and Entombed reigned supreme. Excoriate magnificently encapsulates everything that made the genre great as well as showing off what muscle this musical approach had both back in the day, but even more so today.
Excoriate has a very slow, bas-fuelled approach to their music, something that I personally rarely see these days (perhaps I would if I delved more in the Doom Metal genre – But I digress). This is very evident on both the introductive track ”Teofisto”, as well as the first actual track ”Oh! Peaceful Derketa”, the coherent sound of which is a prime example of what this Chile-based quintet is capable of.
A release for fans of the old-fashioned Death Metal approach (and as such it is aptly released on Cassette), one recommended for fans of, as stated above, fans of Bolt Thrower, Sufocation and Entombed. ... tly-stench

When ‘…Of The Gastly Stench’ arrived at my doorstep, I guessed the mighty Exmortis (U.S.A.) finally was resurrected from the grave. After a second look I figured out I was wrong. Excoriate’s logo has some similarities with Exmortis’ logo I think. Anyway, this is Excoriate I’m talking about here. The band hails from Chile, has released some demo’s and splits with Demonic Rage (‘Death Communion’) and Horrifying (‘A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion’).
Now the band releases a third demo that holds four tracks. All of them already were available through the split CD with Horrifying (2015) so I don’t know what’s the added value of this release? To me, the ‘…Of The Gastly Stench’ demo is a great first acquaintance with Excoriate, a band that plays raw underground death metal with some black metal influences which is not for the faint of hearted. If you want to know more about these killer tunes, visit Nihilistic Holocaust’s webpage

Re: EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Tape out now! Death metal

Publié : 28 déc. 2017, 16:36
par gabalgabow
Reviews of the EXCORIATE tape keep on appearing!
Here are five new chronicles about their doomy tape!

Excoriate's ...Of The Ghastly Stench drips and dangles it's murk into your brain with dangerous effectiveness. This death doom mixture is the result of over ten years of refinement in their trade. There is a lot here that reminds me of other South American death metal such as Mystifier or Headhunter DC, but also there is a twisting usage of melody akin to the Dutch scene. There is also something nostalgic about the presentation overall; the raw and unrefined guitar tone, the black and white cassette j-card, the improper capitalization of song titles, and the overwhelmingly swampy sound of the four tracks.
The pacing on this release is spot on. "Teofisto", an instrumental introductory track sets the stage for the expertly twisting "Oh! Peaceful Derketa", which slithers and never truly clicks into a predictable rhythmic pattern or style. It's something which Excoriate do particularly well which befuddles other bands. What could be construed as the chorus in the track is an instantly memorable riff which drops at all the right moments of the track. Midway through the six minute long song-arc, Excoriate borrow some rhythmic influence from Celtic Frost in transition to a slowish section with creepy bass melodies which further morphs into something not unlike the iconic - iconic to me, at least - "Osculum Obsenum" from Mystifier's Wicca.
Where "Oh! Peaceful Derketa" is a slower, brooding track, the pace picks up with "Black Streams on the Ground of Cruelty," but the unconventional riffs and melodies are retained at the quicker tempo. Francisco Rojas experiments heavily with guitar leads and noisy tremolo runs to cast a demonic and evil cloud across final track, and one of the best song titles I've heard in a while, "Ghostly Stench of Mortal Remains." It's the better of the two faster tracks for me, with a seemingly non-repeating main riff full of shifting power chords under flowing tremolo patterns. The song writhes under the serpentine tremolo riffs. Drummer Lino Contreras and Vocalist Fernando Olivares somehow manage to know where the song is going, and while I find it hard to follow from a structure standpoint, it's engaging regardless, and never gives the impression that the band is also lost.
Excoriate take a death metal foundation and finding a way to give it an identity they can call their own style. It's easy to appreciate a band that offers something fresh in each song, never rests on tropes or a stereotypical stamping and pasting of barely nuanced riffs. ...Of The Ghastly Stench is moist, dark, brooding, and definitively creepy. If you've ever claimed there's no good death metal coming out in the early 90's vein, Excoriate stands to correct your assumptions. Nihilistic Holocaust did right by putting this tape out because it deserves some recognition. I'm off to find Excoriate's earlier demos and material. ... tench.html

ECHOES AND DUST Webzine (Philippines)
The band Excoriate is a unique entity. This band is from Chile and is not the other death metal band from Germany with the same name. Their latest venture into the swampy wastelands that inspire their artwork and sound is called …Of the Ghastly Stench. Is it wise to label a band so multi-dimensional and anti-typical? No. Excoriate is part old-school death metal, doom, first wave black metal a la early Varathron, besides others I can’t name out of consideration for the band’s originality and my unwillingness to pigeon-hole the band’s sound and approach to songwriting. Really, some folks may think of them as doom/death and may well have credence. But, I hear more than that in Excoriate’s platter of four tracks. It is wise to simply note that this band is old-school, and don’t simply subscribe to trends.
The guitars are captured by the production nicely. Not just gritty and sludgy, the guitar tone sounds like it was channeled out of outdated equipment. Even then, the guitar riffs aren’t muddled like they would be had they been outputted through a karaoke. The bass is audible, and both snare and bass drum thud in old-school death metal fashion. The vocals are part doom/part old-school death metal, and also remind me of Varathron circa His Majesty at the Swamp.
Did I enjoy this festering brew of unidentifiable, anti-typical elements amalgamated into an obviously-toxic substance? Yes. And while …Of the Ghastly Stench is nowhere close to His Majesty at the Swamp’s brilliance and grandeur, doom/death fans who like the sound of the early eighties Sabbath-inspired doom/death hybrids will love Excoriate to bits. In this day and age, most doom/death sounds rather same-ish. Excoriate doesn’t.
And, to add to that, Excoriate don’t intend to be compared to Varathron’s style on its landmark album, so it isn’t fair to do so and declare them unworthy of that comparison. …Of the Ghastly Stench simply reminded me of that lost recording, and that comparison should only be perceived positively. People inclined to misunderstand said comparison will declare Excoriate unworthy of said comparison, and I don’t intend to throw Excoriate under the bus like that. So, regard your lesser capacity at comprehension with responsibility for once and not make that mistake and take my words lightly, should you have little else to do but troll writers who don’t intend to defame poor young bands.
…Of the Ghastly Stench is not an album I typically herald with high praise, but I would like to emphasize to old-school doom/death fans that they should check this release out. I enjoyed my time listening to Excoriate, and doom/death fans who want to hear Sabbath groove and early death metal first fuse wonderfully should exert due effort to get a copy of this now.

It is always great to get a release from Gab of the great UG record label Nihilistic Holocaust (zine too by the way!). We have been in touch since, well fuck let me think, it was probably around the same time we both started our fanzines in 1998! Anyway, Nihilistic is a big supporter of dirty cult old school death metal from the early days, so it should come as no surprise Excoriate follow in those hallowed footsteps. This tape is filled with obscured sounding doom tinged death metal, which brings to mind the great old days from the very end of the ‘80s and early ‘90s. Back when you had great bands like Grave, Asphyx, Morgoth, Incantation, Dismember, Sinister, Deteriorot, Goatlord, Nunslaughter, Immolation, Nihilist, Cianide, Immortal Fate, Winter plus many, many more releasing amazing demos and eps that would fit nicely next to this demo a few decades later. Sorry I worship this stuff so I could list bands for days haha. This does fit with those cult releases musically like a glove, even the recording / production on here while good, it does sound like it could have been recorded back then. There is some great riffing which creates a nice suffocating atmosphere with the odd short frantic guitar solo. The vocals are these killer cackling growls that sound like a rough beast or demon pursuing you through the fog filled forest, while yelling out the blood curdling horrors it will do to you once it captures you. This demo is a stark reminder, for me of the way death fucking metal should be, it should be dangerous and filthy and menacing!  - Dale

FRIEDHOF Webzine (Spa)
No voy a ponerme a escribir el baile de estudios donde se ha grabado este trabajo porque me parece meter palabras por meter. El caso es que estos Excoriate celebran sus más de doce años de vida lanzando en casete las cuatro canciones que ya fueron editadas en un compartido de hace dos años con sus compatriotas Horrifying y el sonido, pese a usar varios estudios, es el adecuado.
Lo que tenemos es un saturado Death Metal de bajo prominente, batería comedida y guitarras saturadas en “Teofisto”, la intro que abre para estos casi veinte minutos que continúan con “Oh! Peaceful Derketa”, pieza donde la melodía se desarrolla en una composición de sonido noventero y que llena cada milímetro cuadrado de los altavoces de mi cadena. También hay espacio para ritmos lentos y acordes arrastrados, cercanos al Doom para un tema extenso.“Black streams on the ground of cruelty” es un salvaje tema con sonido de garaje, ritmos sencillos y atmósfera oscura y opresiva y “Ghostly stench of mortal remains” (sé que el trabajo se titula “...Of the Ghastly Stench”, pero yo he copiado lo que viene en el libreto) comienza con un melódico y rápido solo de guitarra apoyado por una básica sección rítmica. Un Death tosco y brusco cuyas voces traen diferentes ecos blackers, si bien el sonido de los instrumentos nos conducen por el camino citado del Death Metal de los años noventa.
La cosa acaba tan rápido, eso es siempre buena señal, que me he puesto varias veces este notable y adictivo “...Of the Ghastly Stench” y no me canso de escucharlo. Las influencias en las que se centra son tan oscuras como variadas y pueden recordar tanto a los primeros Celtic Frost como a Morgoth o a Bolt Thrower e incluso a Possessed.
El arte interior se presenta con logo de César Hidalgo y básica y tétrica portada del propio vocalista Fernando Olivares. Si indagas un poco por la web seguro que puedes dar un vistazo al diseño completo. Musicalmente es un trabajo logrado e ideal para la gente que suela buscar el sonido que se hacía treinta años antes. ... tly-stench

Excoriate ist eine Band, welche seit ihrer Gründung anno 2002 noch kein Album veröffentlich hat und dennoch im südamerikanischen, genauer chilenischen Untergrund seine eingeschworene Fanbase hat. Ihre neuste Demo „Of The Ghastly Stench“ zeigt jedoch deutlich, dass die Band keineswegs untätig ist und stets an ihrem Death/Doomix arbeitet.
Schon die ersten Töne des Openers „Teofisto“ lassen erahnen, dass hier keine Laien am Werk sind, wenn es darum geht einen rein instrumentalen Song zu komponieren, welcher trotz seiner kurzen Dauer von zwei Minuten einen Vorgeschmack für die chilenische Auffassung von Doom Metal geben soll. Ein prägnanter Bass dominiert die schweren Drums mit düsteren Gitarrenie sich von Note zu Note schleppen und sich mittig durch eine kleine up-Tempo-Passage hindurchjagenur um wieder hinab zu stürzen und den Hörer gleich mitzureisen. Man hört selten ein so gelungenes Intro auf einer Demo, das so gut auf das Folgende einstimmt und den Hörer mitnimmt – so kann der südamerikanische Mix gern weitergehen. „Oh! Peaceful Derkata!“ zelebriert dahingegen finsteren Death Metal, der mitunter an skandinavische Werke der früheren neunziger Jahre erinnert und dann ab der Songmitte im low-Tempobereich bleibt, dabei aber droht in die Ideenlosigkeit abzurutschen und zu generisch zu werden. Beim dritten Song „Black Streams On The Ground Of Cruelty“ baut man weiterhin seine vorher gewonnene Death-Sympathie mit wechselndem Riffing und überwiegenden Wiederholungen auf, die durch die zu generischen Vocals an Spannung zunehmend verlieren und etwas Auflockerung dringend nötig hätten. Dadurch bleibt es nur ein durchschnittlicher Song, der auch auf einem beliebigen anderen Death Metallbum hätte zu finden sein können. Dahingehend überrascht der letzte Song „Ghostly Stench Of Mortal Remains“ mit seinem kraftvollen Einstieg mittels Gitarrensoli, gefolgt vom ersehnten abwechslungsreichen Gesang und fortfolgend melodischer Begleitung dessen. Unweigerlich weht auch hier ein Wind aus Skandinavien mit, wodurch man sich aber fragt, was hier in dieser Musik aus Chile mitkommt – leider so gut wie nichts. Alles in allem ist diese neueste Demo ein guter Wegweiser der Band mit spannenden Ansätzen und genug technischer Finesse, um etwas mehr Eigenständigkeit zukünftig einfließen zu lassen und um sich weiter abzusetzen. Die Skills hat jeder der Musiker hörbar und technisch ist absolut nichts zu beanstanden, jedoch mehr als ein gutes Release einer Death-Demo ergibt sich im Moment nicht. ... tly-stench

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Publié : 05 mai 2019, 08:58
par gabalgabow
Available now :

EXCORIATE (Chile) Badges

Image ... nihilistic

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par gabalgabow
More reviews of EXCORIATE have appeared !

You can still order copies of the tape on this webshop: ... nihilistic

Dans la catégorie death metal, les groupes originaires des pays d'Amérique Latine me font régulièrement battre le coeur comme un jeune tourtereau avide de reproduction avec sa tourterelle préférée. Grrouuu. Excoriate, groupe très souterrain, actif depuis plus de dix ans par exemple me fait cocher beaucoup de cases sur le bordereau de suivi du kif : riffs tragiques, solos du démon, ralentissements déprimés, talent à faire headbanguer comme un con à chaque break, voix bien criarde sortie tout droit des forêts glaciales de 1990... ajoutez à cela un son de démo très honorable mais pas du tout léché, avec des cordes qu'on dirait gratouillées par les dents d'un vieux gobelin tuberculeux, un packaging tout droit sorti de l'enfer, des illustrations pulp d'épouvante, des photos promos au milieu du cimetière, et ça y est, vous y êtes, c'est retour vers le futur ! Mélodies qui tuent, riffs qui m'ont littéralement fait faire la moue tout seul dans ma bagnole en relevant la tête au ciel comme un loup garou, un sens du rythme bien efficace... que demande le peuple ? Des chansons ! Du death metal !

CROSSFIRE Webzine (Ger)
Ich wollte ja erst wieder motzen! Na, toll: Eine lieblos mit schwarzem Edding bekritzelte CD-R, die man als „Originale“ besprechen soll… in ein dünnes Papierdingens gepackt… Lustlos ausgepackt, verfalle ich postwendend in Euphorie: Das originale, professionell beidseitige bedruckte Kassetten-Booklet fliegt mir entgegen! Geil! Und noch eine zweite Überraschung steht mir bevor: Hier geht es nämlich nicht um die deutschen Excoriate, von denen ich ein Riesen-Fan bin, sondern um die gleichnamigen Chilenen, von denen ich sogar das Split-Tape mit Demonic Rage besitze. Geil! Dass ich das als alter Demotape-Sammler heute noch erleben darf! So schnell und retro wie gedacht ist es dann auch gar nicht mal! Der Opener ihres insgesamt dritten Demos, der auf den Titel „Teofisto“ hört, knallt einem im düsteren Midtempo entgegen. Aber im folgenden „Oh! Peaceful Derketa“ geht es dann auch ruppiger und blasphemischer zu. Hier herrscht der pure, unverfälschte Death Metal-Underground. Als passende Vergleiche kommen mir Kulthorden wie Repugnant, Tribulation, Kaamos, Tormented, Necrophobic, Beyond oder Necrovore in den Sinn. Die Produktion ist schön analog, so man es von einer solchen Combo auch erwartet. Hier lebt der alte, diabolische Spirit eindrucksvoll fort.

CHAOS VAULT Webzine (Pol)
Nie miałem jeszcze przyjemności z Excoriate i nawet nie pamiętam, jakim cudem trafili pod moje gościnne strzechy. Ale cóż, przynajmniej ktoś więcej usłyszy o nich poza Chile, skąd pochodzą.
A przyznam się Wam, że to demo już u mnie jakiś czas leży i nie mogłem się zabrać za recenzję. Trochę się nawet tej mojej opieszałości dziwię, bo na „…of the Ghastly Stench” znajduje się muzyka, która trafia w moje gusta. Chilijczycy zawarli bowiem na tym demo cztery kawałki utrzymane w oldschoolowym stylu metalu śmierci. Trochę też tutaj doom metalu, trochę black metalu – ogólnie całość utrzymana jest właśnie w takiej konwencji przełomu ósmej i dziewiątej dekady. Jeśli miałbym porównać muzykę Excoriate do bardziej znanych bandów to pewnie zwróciłbym uwagę na Treblinka, może chwilami bardzo wczesny Asphyx… Fajne jest właśnie to, że Excoriate nie zrzyna konkretnie z danych zespołów (lub robi to tak, że trudno jest ich złapać za rękę) i potrafi skomponować nieźle swoje utwory – pewnie jakbym nie wiedział, że to demo zostało wydane w lipcu tego roku to można by mi było spokojnie wcisnąć kit, że to jakiś stary i zapomniany hord. Ja osobiście po tym co tutaj słyszę chętnie bym posłuchał jakiegoś pełniaka, bo w sumie te kawałki z demo dają radę i robią ochotę na więcej.
Możecie się obejrzeć za tą demówką, jeśli lubicie stary piwniczny metal. Chilijczycy ładnie się odnajdują w tym klimacie.

Powiem szczerze, że nie byłem świadom, iż poza niemieckim Excoriate, który nota bene ogromnie sobie cenię (jak widać w przerwach między układaniem rymowanek) istnieje także jego Chilijski imiennik. I to na dodatek nie jakiś świeżak, gdyż południowo-amerykański band istnieje już jakieś 13 lat. Czy zatem jest na scenie miejsce dla dwóch obdzieraczy ze skóry? Chilijczycy otwierają swoje demo kawałkiem instrumentalnym, który już na wstępie sporo nam mówi. Otóż na dzień dobry zaskakuje brzmienie, które dalekie jest od typowego dla niższej na mapie Ameryki. Gitary są zdecydowanie bardziej brzęczące, niemalże blackmetalowe. Kiedy demo się rozkręca i poznajemy pozostałe trzy zawarte na tym materiale numery, nasze skojarzenia powinny czem prędzej skierować się w stronę starej Grecji. Ot taki Varathron byłby piękną wytyczną. Choć pojawiające się momentami dość melodyjne solówki dodają temu materiału nieco pikanterii i smaczku. Słychać, że muzycy Excoriate nie grają na instrumentach od wczoraj i co nieco się nauczyli, jednak czy aby pilnie stawiali się na próbach, czy woleli jednak wyskoczyć na browara? Szczerze powiedziawszy, po kapeli z 13-letni stażem spodziewałbym się nieco więcej. Nie, absolutnie nie twierdzę, że materiał na tym 19-minutowym demo mnie męczy. Z przyjemnością posłuchałem sobie tego wydawnictwa kilka razy, jednak nie sądzę, abym kiedykolwiek do niego wrócił. Jeśli ktoś lubuje się w każdym matexie, który brzmi jak wyciągnięty z trumny lat 90-tych, ten być może spędzi przy „…of the Ghastly Stench” więcej czasu. Mi dwie godzinki stykną. Posłuchał, zapomniał, więcej grzechów nie pamięta. A odpowiadając na pytanie- owszem, jest miejsce dla dwóch Excoriate. Ale dla jednego w kącie.

Tenía mucho que no recibíamos un demo tan bien hecho como este que nos mandó el sello Nihilistic Holocaust de Francia y que pertenece a la banda chilena Excoriate, formada por Lino Contreras en la batería, Fernando Olivares en las vocales y Francisco Rojas en las guitarras y bajo.
3 temas y una introducción es lo que escuchamos en este demo grabado profesionalmente y que maneja un estilo death/doom metal de primer nivel pero en la vena más clásica.
La música es brutal, oscura y tiene ese aura de cuando escuchabas una cinta de principios de los 90's. Es muy poco el tiempo de reproducción, pero es tan buena la música que lo repetirás varias veces hasta cansarte.
El playlist es como sigue: 1.- Teofisto, 2.- Oh! Peaceful Derketa, 3.- Black Streams on the Ground of Cruelty, 4.- Ghostly Stench of Mortal Remains.
Chile es un país con excelentes bandas de metal en la mayoría de sus sub generos, pero presiento que son especialistas en el death y el doom metal, para muestra están Excoriate de quienes se tiene muy poca información, pero por lo mientras aquí les dejo su contacto

FOBIA Webzine (Cze)
Čas od času nám do redakce doputuje nějaká lehce exotická nahrávka ctící kořeny ryzího undergroundu. Tentokrát o sobě dala vědět chilská družina EXCORIATE, které v polovině roku 2017 vydal francouzský label Nihilistic Holocaust čtyřskladbové demo „… Of the Ghastly Stench“. Jde o zatím poslední zářez party, která od vzniku v roce 2002 stihla vydat celkem tři dema (2005, 2009, 2015), všechna na magnetofonových kazetách, a jestli někomu nesedí roky uvedené v závorce, tak má recht. Třetí demo původně vyšlo jako split CD s HORRIFYING, což je podobně „postižená parta z rodného města EXCORIATE – Puerto Montt. Po dvou letech pak demo vyšlo samostatně na kazetě, podobný osud ostatně mělo i demo první, jen s tím rozdílem, že jako spilt vyšlo tři roky po nahrání, na kazetě a s DEMONIC RAGE, opět partou z téhož města. To se nachází v jižní části země, žije v něm zhruba 230 000 obyvatel a existuje zhruba třicet metalových kapel. Takže relativně silná scéna, ostatně když se řekne Chile a metal, nejsou na místě předsudky. V jihoamerické zemi je metal hodně populární, kapel jako máku, úroveň ale nejspíš všelijaká. Evropané to moc posoudit nemůžou, protože muzikanti to sem mají daleko, cestování je pro ně nákladné, ale i přesto se řada chilských muzikantů na scéně dokázala zviditelnit, namátkou UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, SOL SISTERE nebo NUCLEAR.
EXCOCRIATE žel zatím za uvedenými příklady zaostávají, ale nejspíš je to vůbec netrápí. Patnáct let si rochní v totálním undergroundu, hrají zcela nemoderní hudbu s nemoderním zvukem, vydávají ji na nemoderních kazetách a i kdyby je někdo chtěl stáhnout z kůže („excoriate“ znamená „stáhnout z kůže“), neměnili by. Jejich muzika zamrzla v osmdesátých letech, kdy začaly první extrémní party dělat zlo a kdy se extrémní metal nedělil na death, doom a black tak striktně. EXCORIATE dělají zlo na pomezí death a doom metalu a místy se jim to daří lépe, místy hůře. Po instrumentálním pomalém intru „Teofisto“ následuje nejlepší song demosnímku, vcelku melodický střednětepmý death metal. Muzikantům nelze upřít zajímavé nápady, hlavně kytara prosvětluje pěknými vyhrávkami jinak potemnělou skladbu mající místy uhrančivý ráz. Ten je daný až pochodovými rytmy, hlavně v prostřední doomové pasáži, kterou rovněž zdobí kytarové hrátky. Trochu zaostává v mixu upozaděný vokál, Fernando se s tím ale nijak nepárá a řve stylem „jak mu zobák narostl“. „Black streams on the ground of cruelty“ je z jiného soudku, spíše triviálního, načernalý death metal nepřináší nic, co by posadilo na zadek maniaka do starých pořádků, natož rozmazleného fanouška ASPHYX nebo TRIPTYKON. Své dělá i zvuk, který nechává vyniknout akorát té kytaře, když kvílí a sóluje, jinak je to celé takové zahuhlané a zašpiněné, což nejspíš bude záměr. Prostě prašivina, zatuchlost, temnota… ostatně každý může zkusit poslední položku, „Ghastly stench of mortal remains“ je k poslechu na YouTube; proti podle mého nejpovedenější „Oh! Peaceful derketa“ je to rychlejší s thrashem koketující skladba.
Nahrávka vznikala v několika „studiích“ během let 2012-2014, což opět svědčí o tom, že tahle parta nikam nespěchá, nic moc neřeší, dělá si bordel po svém a na koncertech to může být docela rotyka. Z poslechu v klidu domova ale příliš odvařený nejsem, podobných nahrávek mi ušima proletěly stovky a záhy byly zapomenuty, což nejspíš potká i tuhle kapelu, byť je mi svým způsobem její hartusení sympatické. Stejně jako počínání labelu, který loví v totálním podzemí a vydává kazety s neodbytými obaly, v nichž nechybí potřebné informace ani fotka kapely, grafický háv pak opět odkazuje do hluboké minulosti...

Da kommt etwas aus dem chilenischen Untergrund gekrochen, das gar fürchterlich nach Tod stinkt. Doch selbst ist es nicht tot, sondern beeindruckend lebendig für EXCORIATE, die seit über 15 Jahren existieren und noch immer kein Album herausgebracht haben. Der Sound ist roh und schmutzig, lässt aber nichtsdestoweniger auf präzise und hingebungsvolle Musiker schließen, die zu mindestens zwei Dritteln Old-School-Death und zu einem knappen Drittel Doom Metal produzieren. Eher wie ein hässlich eiternder, schleppender Virus als wie eine Walze schlurft die Demo „… Of The Ghastly Stench“ durch die Gehörgänge und verlangt ein zutiefst anerkennendes, aber grimmiges rhythmisches Nicken ab. (jazz)

Excoriate is a black/death metal band from Chile that has been around since 2005 (there was also an Excoriate from Germany which broke up in 2006). The word excoriate means to:
1. censure or criticize severely.
2. damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin).
I imagine they define themselves as the latter! Excoriate is has a great dark and doomy sound. Very polished and melodic, and most importantly, very listenable. I really liked this band and look forward to hearing a full length (this demo release is four tracks). Yet another great band from South America!