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NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 20 mai 2017, 16:43
par gabalgabow

NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST est une distro underground ciblée sur le metal old school: A la base surtout Death metal, il y a aussi du thrash, doom, heavy, black... On trouve aussi un peu de brutal death et de grind.

Je distribue surtout des démos K7s et CDs pros.
Les prix sont bas.

Localisation: Nord pas de calais.



Dernières MAJ:

Last distro news:

BLASPHEMER (Uk) Blasphemer CD. Old school death. (Sounds like early Death, Master, Benediction)

CAUSTIC (Swi) Caustic Demo tape. Thrash metal (Rerelease of demo from 1992)

CONDOR (Nor) Facing the first winter Tape. Thrash black. (Members of Gouge, Mabuse...)

CRURIFRAGIUM (Usa) Beasts of the temple of satan CD. Black death

CRUZ (Spa) Culto abismal CD. Old school death influenced by early Entombed, early Unleashed.

DERANGED (Chile) Burst of violence Tape. Old school thrash

DARGAR (Usa) The shores of space Demo tape. Black doom, quite atmospheric (Not melodic)

LUCIFERICON (Hol) Brimstone altar MCD. Digipack. Death metal/ Blackened death

MOURNERS LAMENT (Chile) We all be given CD. Digipack. Doom death

VILIFIER (Australia) Ritual obscuration Demo tape. Death black

ZOLDIER NOIZ (Fra)/ BESTIAL NIHILISM (Fra) Split tape. Old school thrash in ripping way/ Black metal

CENOTAPH (Turkey) Pseudo verminal cadaverium CD. Brutal death (Rerelease)

Last distro news:

ALTARS (Australia) Paramnesia Tape. Obscure death

ASSUMPTION (Gre) The three appearances MCD. Death doom

BEELZEBUD (Singapore) Beelzebud CD. Doom/ Sludge

CRYPTIC REALMS (Mex/ Bra) Enraptured by horror CD. Old school death

PORTA DAEMONIUM (Chile) Serpent of chaos CD. Obscure death

PROCESSION (Chile) To reap heavens apart CD. Doom

RIEXHUMATION (Ita) Promo 2016 CDr. Death metal

SACRIFICIAL BLOOD (Usa) Unholy fucking hatred CD. Old school thrash metal/ Death

SKELETAL SPECTRE (Usa) Occult spawned premonitions CD. Death doom

SOLSTICE (Usa) Solstice CD. Thrash metal/ Death. (Chilean rerelease of album from 1992 with bonus demo and live tracks)

TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA (Hungary) Horns in the dark CD. Bestial and putrid death metal.

UNDER ATTACK (Swe) High on metal/ The aftermath CD. Thrash/ Heavy metal

VUOSI NOLLA (Fin) 2016 Demo tape. Crust Hardcore

Fanzine: POSTHUMAN (Hungary) #7: Skruta, Grump, Throne of the fallen, PFA, Wasted struggle, Piss piss piss, The symbioz, Smrt zine... + Reviews, articles... 56 pages. A5. In english. 2015

Fanzine: DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #6: Entrails, Necro, Circle of tyrants, Aggressive mutilator.
+ small articles (unleashed, Banished from inferno, Deranged, Proletar, Desecration) + reviews, live reports... 52 pages. A5. In english. 2015.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 25 mai 2017, 09:01
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BORGIA (Fra)/ YSENGRIN (Fra) Split CD. Black metal/ Doom

DEMONIC RAGE (Chile) Venomous wine from putrid bodies Tape. Obscure death (Tape + patch)

COFFIN CURSE (Chile) Into the dark MCD. Old school death

ETERNAL TORMENT (Usa) Descent into madness MCD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

ENVENOMED (Chile) Maleficent supreme incarnation MCD. Death metal/ Thrashing death

FORDAERV (Den) Fy for Satan Demo tape. Grindcore

OPHICVS (Usa) Azrever ne alemamam CD. Heavy black

RECRUCIFY (Peru)/ ET VERBI SATHANUS (Chile) Split tape. Black death/ Black metal

SHAMBLES (Thailand) Realm of darkness shrine CD. Obscure death/ Death doom

SIDUS MORTUORUM (Ukraine) Coffin slaves CD. Old school death

TELEPORT (Slovenia) Stellar damnation Demo tape. Old styled technical thrash

THE FALLEN (Chile) Drowned in an unknown meaning of life and death CD. Doom death (Members of Demonic rage, Mischievous augury...)

VOIDKUSH (Spa) Stay close to the fire CD. Doom metal/ Heavy black

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 03 juin 2017, 10:26
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ABYSSUS (Gre) Once entombed... CD. Old styled death

DAGGER OF SACRIFICE (Usa) Dagger of sacrifice Demo tape. Doom/ Funeral doom

GRAVEWARDS (Gre) Subconscious lobotomy Demo tape. Death metal

HATEFUL (Ita) Epilogue of masquerade CD. Brutal death/ Technical death

ONIRICOUS (Spa) La caverna de fuego CD. Old school death

SEPULCHRAL CURSE (Fin) At the onset of extinction MCD. Digipack. Old school death

THANATOPSIS (Usa) A view of death CD. Old school death metal/ Thrash. Rerelease of demos from the 90's.

VALGRIND (Ita) Seal of phobos MCD. Fast kicking death metal like old Morbid angel. Members of Hateful, Voids of Vomit...)

Fanzine: METAL WITCHCRAFT (Fra) #1: Deathhammer, Hexecutor, Legion of death recs, Forever ripping fast zine, Manzer... 40 pages. A5. In french. 2017.

Fanzine: TOUGH RIFFS #2: Misery index, Pestilence, Morta skuld, Ossuary, Master, Malignanvy, Prophecy, Blood, Morgue, Burial ritual, Creepmine, Dehuman, Kraanium, Cerebral effusion, Nervous impulse, Extinctionist... + Reviews. 48 pages. A4. In english. 2017.

Fanzine: ABYSMAL SCULPTURES (Singapore) #12: Hateful, Metastasis, Sewercide, Raging death, Konqueror recs, Old temple recs, Sephirotic recs, Formis... + Reviews. 48 pages. A4. In english. 2016



It was an obscure death metal band from North of France.
Quite heavy and brutal stuff! Reminds me of old GRAVE, BAPHOMET, INHUME…

It's a fast punk hardcore band from France.
With short songs. Quite efficient.

It's a very good french heavy metal/ thrash band!

DEICIDE – Live 1992 !
Unholy death metal the brutal way,
at the time of the “Legion” album!


RIOT - Live 1981
The american hard/ heavy metal band RIOT
live at the time of their best album "Fire down under”!

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 08 juin 2017, 17:35
par Sheb
vous pouvez y aller les yeux fermés les gens, c'est pas cher et envoyé rapidement...

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 16 juin 2017, 09:28
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BLOODTHIRST (Pol) Let him die Tape. Old school thrash

BOKLUK (Spa) Moat realm Demo tape. Swedish styled Death metal

CHAMBER OF TORTURE (Rus) Behead before interment Tape. Death metal

CHAMBER OF TORTURE (Rus) Entorturement Tape. Death metal

CONFRONTATION (Hol) Fieseler Fi 103 Demo tape. Death doom

DESOLATOR (Usa) The bells ninth chime Demo tape. Black thrash

FUNERAL WHORE (Hol) Step into damnation Tape. Old school death

HARVEST (Panama) Omnivorous MCD. Death metal

ICE WAR (Can) Dream spirit MCD/ Cardboard sleeve. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock

MARADANDO KAROSODAS (Hungary) Husdaralo CD. Old styled kicking thrash metal.

PROFOUND GRAVE (Chile)/ OCCULT PANTHEON (Chile) Split CD. Black death/ Death metal. Obscure stuffs. Members of Demonic rage, Excoriate...

TOXICA (Argentina) Egoismo autodestructivo Demo tape. Thrash like old Testament, Forbidden.

ALCOHOLIC FORCE (Col) Gasoline drinkers – Fantomania IV CD. Old school thrash



New Death metal band from Bordeaux, France.
Old school death that sounds like old DEATH, old OBITUARY, old PESTILENCE…

IMPALED NAZARENE - Live Finland 1991
Live at the epoch of the 2nd demo, before an album was released.

MANOWAR – Live 1984
Old school heavy metal

Punk hardcore band from france,
Old school stuff with short tracks,

Cool stoner band from France


Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 01 juil. 2017, 10:40
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

AFTERBURNER (Russia) Tomb of kings CD. Death metal/ Blasting death

BLASPHEMATOR (Chile) Insulters of the holy whore Demo tape. Black death

BLOODLUST (Australia) Cultus diaboli CD. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

GLORY HOLE (Ita) Infestation of evilized deformity CD. Old school death/ Thrash

HYPONIC (China) The noise of time CD. Doom/ Death doom

INFERNAL DOMINION (Usa) Salvation through infinite suffering CD. Obscure death

INSISION (Swe) Terminal reckoning CD. Old brutal death/ Death metal

JUVENTUD PODRIDA (Panama) 8 track promo tape. Crust/ Punk Hc.

NERVOUS IMPULSE (Can) Time to panic CD. Death grind/ Brutal death

NO SALVATION (Pol) Among the mistakes of god MCD. Cardboard sleeve. Death metal
(Polish style, influenced by old Morbid angel)

NO SALVATION (Pol) Defiling verses CD. Death metal (Polish style, influenced by old Morbid angel)

POISONOUS (Bra) Perdition's den CD. Old school death

Fanzine: POSTHUMAN (Hungary) #9: Halitosis, No god rethoric, Comit arson, Trauma, Blutrina,
Violent party, Agamenon project, Who cares?, Evil spell, Wetiot, What I want, Red and the dumbasses, Black blood press... + Reviews, articles... Punk hardcore/ Grind/ Metal zine.
56 pages. A5. In english. 2016


MALAPHAR - Promo 1991
Old school death metal, the obscure way.
There are doomy moments, and riffs that almost sound... Finnish?

It's a very cool heavy rock/ heavy metal/ stoner band from Texas.

It's a french stoner doom band wich plays it nicely heavy.

TANK - Live BBC 1982
Heavy metal the old way!

OBITUARY Live 2017
Still good and kicking for old farts ^^

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 14 juil. 2017, 08:10
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromantic Desecration CD. Old styled black death/ thrash

DEMISE (Venezuela) Choice MCD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Demo tape. Old school death/ Death doom

HOLOCAUSTUM (Usa) In the fields they bled CD. Fast angry death metal/ Blasting death

LIGATURE WOUND (Fin) Undead of the night CD. Death metal/ Blasting death

NERVIAL (Panama) The war divine sampler MCD. Death metal

OBSCYRIA (Swe) Nefarious sanctuary CD. Old school thrash/ Death metal

TORMENTIUM (Usa) Bound to the depths Tape. Black metal

TREPANATION (New zealand) Grand maw Demo tape. Death doom


Old school death/ Death doom.

Obscure death from Usa

SLEEP - Live Barcelona 2017
Great stoner doom with real heaviness!

Great hard rock from the 70's!


Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 26 juil. 2017, 08:53
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

DISSIDENT (Chile) Unleash the violence... In thrash we trust CD. Thrash metal

FRACTAL ENTROPY (Mex) Transcendens Tape. Technical death in the end 90's, beginning 00's style.

INFERNALIA (Ita) My will MCD. Death black

KOROIDIA (Usa) Apparitions Demo tape. Death metal in the 90's style, reminds me of Brutality, Morbid angel, Morta skuld.

METASTASIS (Can) Putrefied humanity Demo tape. Gore grind/ Death grind

NECROVOROUS (Gre) Crypt of the unembalmed cadavers CD. Old school death/ Death doom influenced by Autopsy. (Members of embrace of thorns)

OFFENCE (Pol) R.A.W Tape. Death metal influenced by Dismember.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 05 août 2017, 09:13
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

DEIQUISITOR (Denmark) Deiquisitor Tape Lp. Death black/ Death metal

HELLISH GOD (Ita) Impure spiritual forces MCD. Fast satanic death

IRONBIRD (Malaysia) Heavy metal evil Demo tape. Old school heavy metal

LURKING TERROR (Ita)/ MORBUS GRAVE (Ita) "Omega doom" Split CD. Old styled death

NECROHERESY (Slovakia) Divine betrayal MCD. Old styled death/ Thrashing death

OLIGARCH (Australia) Hypocrisy oath Demo tape. Bestial death black. Members of Belligerent intent, Cemetery Urn,

TOXIC CARNAGE (Bra)/ RAPTURE (Bra) Split tape. Thrash metal


Cool mixture of old school death and goregrind,
for fans of ooold Dead infection and cool retro gore.

Y&T - Live 1986
Cool heavy metal from the 80’s

Industrial/ Cyber grind from the caves


Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 19 août 2017, 09:18
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

AKATECHISM (Ger) Dripping flames Demo tape. Doom/ Black/ Dark

ANATOMIA (Jap) Cranial obsession Promo 2017. Tape. Old school death

DEATHCULT (Usa) Tyrant of all tyrants CD. Old school metal: Between thrash metal, black and death. (2nd album)

DEIVOS (Pol) Endemic divine CD. Brutal death/ Polish death. (Members of Parricide, Azarath, Ulcer)

DRENCROM (Chile) Banished from sanity Demo tape. Thrash metal, aggressive and old styled.

KURNUGIA (Usa) Condemned to obscurity MCD. Old school death/ Obscure death

MORBID PERVERSION (Chile) Rites of lust and blasphemy CD. Old school death/ Death black. Members of Poisonous, Impetuous rage

NAUTHIK (Ger)/ BABYLON ASLEEP (Ger) Split tape. Doom

NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Screams from the pandemonic tomb CD. Black death

ORDEAL (Gre) Ordeal MCD. Doom/ Death metal

QRIXKUOR (Uk) Three devils dance Demo tape. Death black, obscure stuff.

RELENTLESS (Usa) Night terrors CD. Doom metal/ Heavy doom (Members of Deathcult, Scythe)

SPECTRAL APPARITION (Uk) Manifestation Demo tape. Death metal/ Blackened death

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 30 août 2017, 09:49
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

AMORITE (Hungary) Invisible fire Tape. Death metal

BLESSED REALM (Uk) Doomography 1993-2002. CD. Digipack. Doom. Collection of old demos.

BLOODSHED (Russia) The hunger and the agony CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death, reminds of Sinister or old Vader. (Members of Immoralist)

DARKCREED (Mex/ Swe) ...Is dead and always has been dead.CD. Old school death. (Members of Remains, God macabre... )

GRAVEYARD (Spa) The coffin years CD. Old school death/ Swedish death

MONASTERY DEAD (Russia) Black gold appetite CD. Death metal. Brutal death

OBSECRATION (Gre) Beholed the pale horror Demo tape. Death metal

PEST HOLE (Ger) Wizards Demo tape. Crust Hc/ Thrash metal

SERAPHIC DISGUST (Usa) Altar cunt Tape. Death black

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 09 sept. 2017, 09:30
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

AMULETO DE CALAMIDADES (Ecuador/ Paraguay) Amulet of calamities Demo tape. Black metal

EXCISED (Chile) Rotting away Demo tape. Old styled death

JACK (Hungary) Neurosis Demo tape. Death grind/ Grindcore

RAVENOUS DEATH (Mex) Ominous deathcult MCD. Obscure death

SEPULCHRAL WHORE (Bra) Everlasting morbid delights Demo tape. Old school death.

SUHRIM (Bel) The cunt collector CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

WORSHIP DEATH (Chile) Arise from the cemetery MCD. Old school death

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 16 sept. 2017, 10:17
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Ger) Merciless attacker Tape. Black thrash.

CATABOLIC (Fin) Catabolic MCD. Digipack. Death metal in the 90's floridian style.

PROPAVA (Ukraine) Supredator Demo tape. Fast black metal

REVENGE (Col)/ NADIMAC (Hungary) "Brotherhood of guillotine" Split tape. Speed metal heavy/ Thrash metal

SHITFUN (Bra) Killer live Demo tape. Grindcore

THRASHERA (Bra) Speed sex’n’Roll Demo CDr. Cardboard sleeve. Thrash metal

UNJUSTICE (Chile) Final sentence MCD. Old styled thrash. (Previous member of Dekapited)

Fanzine: CALL FROM BEYOND (Usa) #1 Denial, Morta skuld, Infinitum obscure, Putrid, God dethroned, Morbid metal records, Ungod, Overthrust, Sarin vomit, Viande, Dark half, Uada, Heavens decay, Argentum, Luciferian rites, Hate manifesto, Black moon...
72 pages. A4. In english. 2017.

Fafnzine: WAR ON ALL FRONTS (Uk) #1: Desaster, Portrait, Nuit noire, Ereb altar, The wounded kings, Fuil na seanchoille... + Reviews, live reports.
64 pages. A4. In english. 2012.


MORPHEUS - Corpse Under Glass Demo'92
Old school death from Usa, Pre Morpheus Descends

NEUROSIS - Live Kentucky
Nicely heavy and thick music

New brutal death metal band from France
This is brutal, yet with epic and technical touches à la old NILE. ...

A band between stoner, energetic rock and metal.
Cool gig. Saw them live this week in France.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 28 sept. 2017, 09:44
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ACEDIA MUNDI (Fra) Speculum humanae salvationis Tape. Black metal

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

MORBID STENCH (Costa Rica) The stench of doom Demo tape. Death metal

NECROCHAKAL (Gre) Profanation of the gods Demo tape. Black death/ Black thrash

ORATOR (Bangladesh) Gnosis stained Khadga - Live in kuala lumpur Tape. Old school death (Rew sound, for big underground fans).

PANDEMIA (Spa) Aggression desires MCD. Thrash metal

RIFFOBIA (Gre) Laws of devastation CD. Thrash metal

ROTTEN TOMB (Chile) Necropolis MCD. Swedish death metal

RUIN (Usa) Dorwn in blood Tape. Old school death

ZOMBIE RITUAL (Jap)/ TERMINATION FORCE (Usa) "Zombie termination" Split CD. Old school death thrash/ Raw thrash metal grind

THE BOLLOCKS (Malaysia) OPPOSITION PARTY (Singapore) Split tape. Punk hardcore/ Crust

FREDAG DEN 13:E (Swe) Domedagar Tape. Punk hardcore/ Crust

ATTICK DEMONS (Por) Atlantis CD. Heavy metal

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 13 oct. 2017, 10:09
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ATAXIA F (Spa) Ataxia F. Demo tape. Death metal

BLASPHERIAN (Usa) Allegiance to the will of damnation CD. Death metal

DEATHBRINGER (Can) From silence was born the sound of death Demo tape. Black death

DEFORMITY (Costa rica) Obsessed with death Demo tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death

DISTHRONE (Por) Anti-system Demo tape. Black thrash/ Crust

LET THEM HANG (Swe) Human macabre icon Demo tape. Swedish death metal

NECROBASTARD (Chile) Necro avance MMXIV Demo tape. Death metal

PAZUZU (Costa rica) Revenant of blasphemies Demo tape. Death metal

PENTHOS (Uk) Lifeless haze Demo tape. Old school death metal/ thrash with a technical twist.

VILLAINY (Hol) Villainy demos Tape. Black thrash

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 28 oct. 2017, 08:57
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

CANCERBERO (Chile) Malevolence MCD. Old school satanic Death metal

DEMORED (Ger) Absolution through dissolution MCD. Old school death

HAMVAK (Ger) "I" Demo tape. Black death with death metal vocals.

INDIAN NIGHTMARE (Ger) Taking back the land Tape. Old school heavy metal/ Speed

MORBOSATAN (Peru) Morbostan CD. Black death

THE FALLEN (Chile) Drowned in an unknown meaning of life and death CD. Doom death (Members of Demonic rage, Mischievous augury...)

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Obey the darkness Tape. Black thrash/ Death thrash


A grindcore band from north of France,
quite kicking

If you like progressive black metal, with some sludge moments, but in a not too modern manner, check out this french band!

Quite crazy 80's post punk/ jazz/ dark music, with a clarinet, from North of France.
Worth checking out!

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Publié : 04 nov. 2017, 09:54
par gabalgabow

Many new FANZINES added to the webhsop!

CORROSIVE ALTARS (Usa) #2: Beast petrify, Shambles, Unholy archangel, Hellish propaganda zine, Slaugtherhouse recs... + Reviews, live reports...
40 pages. A5. In english. 2017.

CRUSH THE INSECTS (Col) #3: Infernal conjuration, Bells of acheron zine, Necrolatry, Crypts of eternity zine, Necroripper, Mordaz, + Reviews, live reports...
36 pages. A5. In spanish. 2017.

HELLISH PROPAGANDA (Spa) #5: Gronde, Scent of Death, Violentor, Emaciation, Algor, Barbarian Swords... + Reviews of music and and fanzines.
48 pages. A5. In english.

GRINDING YOUR GUTS (Spa) #3: Korpse, Gorgosaur, Amputee stillborn molester, Postmortem neurofetish bionecrosis, Meat cunts, Wargoatcult, Justin dismemberlake, Blu2 death, Putrid carcass, Needle contaminated pork, Sisters of suffocation... + Reviews. Grindcore/ Gore/ Brutal zine.
124 pages. A4. In spanish. 2016.

BURNING SALTS (Usa) #1: Immolation, Bone sickness, Cerekloth, Phidion, Infinitum obscure, Satan, Aosoth, Impious baptism, Odium totus, Paganland, The body, Wartorn... + Reviews, articles...
52 pages. A4. In english.

DEHUMANIZED (Uk) #6: Entrails, Necro, Circle of tyrants, Aggressive mutilator.
+ small articles (unleashed, Banished from inferno, Deranged, Proletar, Desecration) + reviews, live reports... 52 pages. A5. In english. 2015.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 09 nov. 2017, 11:48
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR (Chile) Bloody ceremonial Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash. (Rerelease of demo from 1989)

DEMONIAC (Chile) The unacceptable truth Demo tape. Old styled thrash. (Member of Terror strike...)

END OF MANKIND (Fra) Faith recoil Demo tape. Black metal. (Mmbers of Antaeus, Eternal majesty,..)

MANDINGAZO (Chile) Death metal punishment Demo tape. Old school death

OS (Hungary) Demo MMXVII Tape. Old school death Death doom.

PROCRASTINATE (Gre) Subjugated herd MCD. Crustcore/ Fast hardcore.

RETALIADOR (Bra) Insane thrash Tape. Old school thrash

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 09 déc. 2017, 10:18
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ACTIVE STENOSIS (Gre) Succumbed to infection Tape Goregrind/ Brutal death

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Ger)/ MORTIFERIS (Paraguay)/ TAU (Paraguay) Split tape. Black thrash/ Black death/ Black metal.

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Macabre remixes Demo CDr. Industrial/ Cyber grind. Special packaging.

MASTER FURY (Usa) Circles of hell CD. Old school thrash. Rerelease of two Lps from 88 and 89, great stuffs!

NECROSADIST (Pol) Infernal stench of blasphemy Demo tape. Black thrash. (Members of Excidium)

STÄLKER (New zealand) Satanic panic Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Speed (Memebrs of Razorwyre, Numbskull)

TAU (Paraguay) Demo 2015. Tape. Black metal

VORUS (Romania) Chamber of laments Demo tape. Old school death

WAR POSSESSION (Ger) Through the ages Demo tape. Old school death

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 21 déc. 2017, 10:42
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BURDEN RAGE (Argentina) Walk over the crushed skulls Pro CDr. Death metal.

MIDNITE HELLION (Usa) Bitchin' at Champs! 11-15-2013. Live tape. Old school heavy metal.

OBSCURE EVIL (Peru) Midnight forces MCD. Black thrash (Member of Obscure Burial)

OBSCURE EVIL (Peru) Void fumes MCD. Black thrash (Member of Obscure Burial)

OV SHADOWS (Swe) Monologues Demo tape. Black metal

PRELUDIUM (Pol) Impending hostility CD. Death metal

REPUGNANT INEBRIATION (Uk) Empire of hate MCD. Fast death metal (Members of Decrepid)

TELEPORT (Slovenia) Stellar damnation Demo tape. Old styled technical thrash

WHIPSTRIKER (Bra)/ HELL'S BOMBER (Croatia) Split tape. Old school heavy speed/ Speed metal punk

WOUNDED GIANT (Usa) Live weird doom. Live tape. Doom/ Stoner doom.

AUTOLINGUS (Usa)/ DARKTHRONE IS DEAD Split CDr.Noisecore grind chaos/ Noisecore black metal


Just ripped this good tape of DRAWN AND QUARTERED from 2004! Good Death metal! Includes a Slayer cover.

Great death grind from Serbia !

It's a very cool space rock/ prog band from France.
with nicely psychédelic and 70's influenced songs.

It's a french black metal band with quite technical skills and keyboards.
Saw them live, it reminded me of old EMPEROR, with the sound and atmosphere it seemed end 90's ...

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 06 janv. 2018, 16:10
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ABAZAGORATH (Usa) Disciples of sacrilege Tape. Black metal

ACID CROSS (Can)/ KRIEGG (Usa)/ HELLRIPPER (Uk) Split tape. Black thrash/ Speed thrash black/ Black speed

ANTROPOFAGUS (Ita) M.O.R.T.E. - Methods of resurrection through evisceration CD. Brutal death

CODEX GIGAS (Chile) Letanías del exorcismo CD. Doom metal

DEHUMANIZED (Usa) Beyond the mind CD. Brutal death

TARPIT BOOGIE (Usa) The clash bar bootleg Tape. Stoner doom

YSENGRIN (Fra) T.R.I.A.D.E CD. Black doom

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 02 févr. 2018, 10:19
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

EXTERMINATION ANGEL (Usa) Demo 2017. Tape. Satanic death metal/ black death

ICE WAR (Can) We will stand Demo tape. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock

INCINERADOR (Bra) Exterminando os ciclos da hipocrisia Demo tape. Old school death metal/ Thrash

ISKRA (Can) Fucking scum Tape. Black metal/ Crust

OBSIDIAN SEA (Bul) Dreams, illusions, obsessions Tape. Doom

OVERHAUL (Malaysia) Rock 'n' roll fuel Demo tape. Old school heavy metal/ Speed/ Punk (Members of Atomic death)

SCYTHE (Usa) Subterranean steel Tape. Thrash black. (Members of Usurper, Armageddon...)

VILE DESECRATION (Usa) Absolute blasphemy Demo tape. Black death

VULTUR (Gre) Vulture's beak Demo tape. Death metal/ Old school death

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 17 févr. 2018, 09:49
par gabalgabow
Small distro update:

ABOMINABLE CARNIVORE (Bengladesh)/ BARRABAS (Bra) Split tape. Death black/ Black metal

ESKIZOFRENIA (Chile) Demos Tape. Old school thrash. (Members of Vomit of Doom)

GOATVERMIN (Fra) Detruire Tape. Brutal black death

MORTAL WHISPER (Chile) Mortal whisper MCD. Old school heavy metal

NECROHERESY (Slovakia) Asylum CD. Old school death

ROOT (Cze) Madness of the graves CD. Heavy metal/ Black

SAVIOUR (Chile) Mystical perpetual sleep MCD. Old school death

WHITE MAGICIAN (Usa) The pledge MCD. Old school heavy metal