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Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 15 août 2020, 09:19
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ATAVISMA (Fra)/ VOID ROT (Usa) Split CD. Obscure death/ Doom

CLAIRVOYANCE (Pol) Demo tape. Old school death/ Obscure death

DECONSECRATION (Usa) Demo tape. Old school death/ Death doom

DESTRUKT (Fra) Wicked night killers MCD. Digipack. Old school speed/ thrash with some 80's heavy metal. Sometimes sounds like early Destruction.

FERUM (Ita) Vergence MCD. Old school death/ doom (Members of Undead Creep, Saturnine)

LIGAEDER (Denmark) Den tomme menneskehed Tape. Death metal with crust influences, sounds close to old swedeath.

MALIGNANT (Usa) Purity through putrefaction Demo tape. Old school death.

RITUAL MASS (Usa) Abhorred in the eyes of god Demo tape. Obscure death

VITRIOL (Usa) Pain will define their death MCD. Brutallizing darkened death

TRASHNASTY (Fra) In livid duality MCD. Death metal/ Old brutal death (Demo from 2003, members of Ossuaire, Oldskull)

INSANE ORDER (Fra)/ GUMMO (Fra) Split CD. Digipack. Grindcore deathgrind/ Grindcore with big sound.

INSANE ORDER (Fra) Love, tenderness and a whole lot more about human behaviour CD. Grindcore/ Death grind à la Napalm Death

Webshop: New category/ Countries.

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Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 29 août 2020, 10:17
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BLACK VORTEX (Chile) Vision of chaos CD (MCD + bonus tracks). Black death. (Members of The tallen, Unaussprechlichen Kulten)

BLOOD OF KINGU (Ukraine) De occulta philosophia Demo tape. Dark black metal (Members of Drudkh, Hate forest...)

CATAFALC (Estonia) Pain Performance CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death, not unlike mid old Sinister.

COLDBLOOD (Bra) Indescribable physiognomy of the devil CD. Evil death metal, sounds like mid old Morbid angel, old Deicide, Malevolent creation. (Members of Grave Desecrator, Nervochaos...)

DARK GOD (Chile) Cremation of the saint CD. Death/ thrash

DÖ (Fin) Astral death cult Tape. Stoner doom/ Sludge

EPITAPHE (Fra) Demo MMXVII Tape. Obscure death/ Death doom

EPITAPHE (Fra) Demo MMXVII MCD. Obscure death/ Death doom

MORTUARY ANCESTOR (Malaysia) Mortuary ancestor MCD 2017. Old school death (Playing death metal since 1996)

NEKYDAIMON (Gre) Funeral ceremony of the ancient goat Demo tape. Obscure black death.(Members of Nergal, Archemoron)

TIME LURKER (Fra)/ CEIPHEIDE (Fra) Split tape. Atmospheric black metal

UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chile) Sign the book of death CD. Digipack. Obscure death metal

VRYKOLAKAS (Singapore) Nocturnal demons of death CD. Death metal/ Old satanic death/ Old evil brutal death. (Compilation of old split and demos)

VULTURINE (Bra) Um cruel destino para tudo que respira Demo tape. Black metal/ Black doom

DEVILGROTH (Rus) FROSTWEIL(Australia)/ NECRO FOREST (Croatia) "Docrtine of winer" Split tape. Underground black metal

BLOOD MORTIZED (Swe) Blood mortized CD. Swedish styled death metal. (Members of Gods forsaken, Coercion, Demonical...)

Fanzine: CRYPT OF DR GORE (Fra) Zine issue 2. Insane order, Witches, Iron bastards, Excruciate 666, Unsu, Red dead, Frijgard, Guinea pig, Mortrom... + chroniques.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 12 sept. 2020, 09:48
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

BASTÄRD (Russia) From the dark ages CD. Old school black speed/ Heavy, sounds like eavy Venom or early Bathory.

CHESTCRUSH (Uk) Demo tape. Blackened death/ Obscure death

CORPSEHAMMER (Swe/ Chile) Metal de la muerte CD. Black metal with black thrash and black death moments, sounds quite 90's infused.

DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromancy, damnation, revenge Tape. Old school black/ death/ thrash the south-american way.

EVIL MADNESS (Chile) Hidden behind the cross MCD. Old school thrash. (Members of Dekapited, Invincible force...)

GRIM EXISTENCE (Uk) Expansion of reality Demo tape. Death metal/ Hardcore in the quite heavy 90's style. Reminds some mid old Bolt thrower, early Illdisposed, Slayer...

HELL POISON (Bra) Burn with me CD Old school speed/ Black/ Thrash/ influenced by the 80's style.

MORBID SACRIFICE (Ita)/ VOMITMANTIK (Ita) Split tape. Black death in a quite bestial style. (Members of Uncreation, Deathfucker...)

OSSUAIRE (Fra) Mortes fables CD. Digipack. Death metal/ Dark death

PYRE (Rus)/ ENTRAPMENT (Hol) Split MCD. Death metal in the old swedish style.

REVELER (Usa) The hour of fright Demo tape. Old school death

TERRORAZOR (Ger) Abysmal hymns of disgust Tape. Grindcore/ Death grind in a 90's/ early 00's manner. (Members of Nocturnal, Withburner...)

UNBLESSED FORCE (Russia) Blackened speed damnation Demo tape. Black thrash/ Black speed with underground sound.

WOMBRIPPER (Rus) Infected tomb MCD. Death metal in the old swedish style.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 26 sept. 2020, 09:24
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

CATHARTIC (Mex) Ceremonial resurrection Demo tape. Obscure and crushing death metal/ Death doom

DETONATOR (Hungary) Demo 1990 MCD. Old thrash/ Black thrash (Rerelease of old demo)

EXCESSUM (Swre) Death redemption Tape. Black metal

FEACES CHRIST (Ger) Eat shit and die! MCD Old death metal/ Punk. Sounds like a mix of Abcess, early swedish death and perhaps Death breath. ,

MEURTRIERES (Fra) Meurtrieres MCD. Nwobhm/ Old school heavy metal.

NECROTOMY (Hungary) Inhuman mankind CD. Old death metal (Rerelease of old demos from the 90's)

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa)/ HATEVOMIT (Turkey) Split MCD. Old school death/ Black death. (Studio recording for both)

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa)/ PAGANFIRE (Philippines) Split CD. Old school death/ Old school thrash
Live recordings for both bands, for fans of the old raw underground.

SEPULCHRAL FROST (Swe) Frozen entrapment Demo tape. Death doom

SUBJECT (Hungary) Inevitable...Inimitable...Unexcelled CD. Old school death (Rerelease of demos from the 90's)

ANGERSEED (Hungary) Forever burning hatred MCD. Brutal death/ Death metal, in a quite old styled raw manner (Sounds a bit like old Sinister, old Brodequin, old Cannibal corpse, Severe torture...)

NXBX/ Nabeg/ God Pussy/ Eine Stunde Merzbauten/ 886VG/ Estupo/ PMNT - Split tape. Noise/ Grind jazz/ Experimental


Skelethal, Decline of the I, Cristalys, Arbre, Bubonic records... + chroniques.

MORTEM ANIMALIUM Zine (Spa) issue 2
Genocide shrines, Intemperator, Wormlust, Emanation, Liturgia maleficarum, Manifesting, Nefandus, Sangre de muerdago, Sapientia, Svartidaudi... + reviews.

DEVILMENT Zine (Uk) Issue 7
Martire, Bombarder, Ripper, Atlantean kodex, Denial of god, Possessor, Ares, Algebra, Burning saviours, Transatlantic rat's atom... + Reviews.

Re: NIHILISTIC Distro - Metal underground / Old school

Publié : 10 oct. 2020, 09:37
par gabalgabow
Last distro news:

ANATOMIA (Jap) Dissected humanity CD. Old school death/ Death doom, influenced by old Autopsy. (Reissue of the first album with different artwork)

BASTÄRD (Russia) From the dark ages tape. Old school black speed/ Heavy, sounds like eavy Venom or early Bathory.

DERELENISMO OCCULERE (Ecuador) Inexorable revelación Demo tape. Raw black metal

GUNGNIR (Gre) Ragnarök MCD. Viking black metal (Member of Hate manifesto, Chaosbaphomet, Vomit church)

LIQUID FLESH (Fra) Chair liquide CD. Digipack. Old school death/ Death'n roll (Sounds like a mix of mid old Carcass, Obituary, Master, mid old Entombed)

MENTAL SLAVERY (Russia) Kill for peace Demo tape. Old styled thrash metal

PERVERSION (Usa) Archaic death metal Demo tape. Old school death

SERPENT'S ORDER (Gre) Watchers of the future MCD. Black death

SLAUGHTER WITCH (Usa) Demo'18 Tape. Old school death

SURGERY (Slovakia) Descent/ Pulled by the rope Tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death (Sounds like Cannibal corpse, mid old Carcass)

DURTHANG (Croatia) Murderer and a thief Tape. Black metal/ Atmospheric/ Doomy black. Sounds quite 90's.
XUTHAL (Usa) The reclusive dynasty Demo tape. Raw black metal



The distro was updated with more Low prices CDs/ Tapes/ CDrs and some bonus stuffs!

JIYUNA! ‎(Usa) The Devil Is Waiting In The Palace... ...Rush Courageously CD. Post hardcore/ Screamo

TERLARANG (Malaysia)/ DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND (Hol) Split tape. Grindcore fast hardcore/ Harsh grind noise.

NIHILIST SCUM (Rus)/ DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND (Hol) Split tape. Raw noisecore/ Noise

PRIPJAT (Serbia) Peta Godina Dekontaminacije Demo tape. Hardcore/ Punk hardcore

THORHAMMER (Usa) Indomitable promo CDr. Thrash metal

BONEBREAKER (Bra) The hedonist way of being Promo CDr. Thrash metal

INHUMANOISE (Bra) Overdose with lethal dosis of noise, drugs and caos... Demo tape. Special packaging. Noise/ Harsh noise

INSOLENCIA (Portugal) Apatia Demo tape. Special packaging. Drone/ Noise

SEDATIVE (Fra) Lobocaïne CD. Death grind (Member of Mulk, Whourkr)

PIERCE THORAX (Hol) Machine control diagnostic tool CD. Breakcore/ Drum'n bass/ Jungle/ Industrial

ALCANTARILLIA (Spa) Deterioro cognitivo Mini CDr. Grind noise

NECROBITCH/ HENRY C. RIAL/ KOOBAATOO ASPARAGUS Split CDr. Noise, Dark Ambient, Experimental ... low-prices